Brainwashing in America

Ideological Subversion has Four Stages We are living in a terrifying time. There’s no escaping that reality. The use of terrorism for population control has a long history of use, which was especially prominent during the Cold War. The threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union is enough to keep everybody paralyzed and easy […]

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The Cold War of Information

  Western media have an endless supply of complaints against RT (formerly Russia Today, the main news network in Russia). Our journalists claim that RT is a propaganda machine, but the Russians just laugh at us. “There is no such thing as ‘objective reporting,’” an RT representative once responded.[1] A fair statement, you might think, […]

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The Gnostic Acts

Christmas is a pagan holiday. How can you trust the civilization that blatantly plagiarized the Greeks? The Romans were godless heathens and when they executed Joshua for his rebellion, the Gnostics—Joshua’s followers—crucified Judas for being an agent of Yahweh, the blind god. Before the Romans could raid Joshua’s tribunal lodge, the Gnostics buried a copy […]

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The Roman Character

William the Bastard—not being shielded by the nobility of his father, Robert I, Duke of Normandy—could see how terrible the Roman Oppression was. He knew of a land across the waters that was inhabited by pagan wildfolk. He dreamed himself a Kingdom across the sea, where they could focus on what matters—people surviving, but not […]

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The American Renaissance

stumbling past Ikea gargoyles custom ordered factory made a nation of children of children, of children and so on… caught in the maze of useless knowledge between the double-vision clocktowers drunken sailors, all awaken the sleepers from their fog slowly, slowly, tip-toes ken kesey and his band of      merry pranksters past the cops, with a […]

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