About the Author

Hello. First let me introduce myself. My name is Scott Volentine, and I worked for this man named Perry back when I was in undergrad. Perry was the groundskeeper on top of this mountain on my college‚Äôs campus. There was an old cottage up there called the House of Dreams, and the years I spent […]

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The Allure of 90s Nostalgia.

At the beginning of the campaign process, Bill Maher was hard on Hillary Clinton, talking about how much he would love for Bill Clinton to be in the White House again. People lived with Bill Clinton as President for eight years, and the good parts of the 90s gave that rose tint to our memories. […]

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The Digital Revolution

We are at a very important time in the history of civilization. The invention of the internet is as significant as the invention of the printing press, and it has fundamentally altered the social landscape. The internet grew incredibly fast, and it developed into the fifth estate, which is the distribution of power to individuals […]

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