The Allure of 90s Nostalgia.

At the beginning of the campaign process, Bill Maher was hard on Hillary Clinton, talking about how much he would love for Bill Clinton to be in the White House again. People lived with Bill Clinton as President for eight years, and the good parts of the 90s gave that rose tint to our memories. For many voters, this memory is of childhood, so the appeal of childhood nostalgia proves even harder to resist. This invocation of Bill Clinton is an element of Hillary’s campaign that colors much of her strategy.

The good times in the 90s were really good, full of the innocence of a world before 9/11. The economy was booming, but this led to financial collapse. Bill Clinton is directly to blame for repealing Glass-Steagall, and this decision shows a bizarre lack of foresight. The 90s were booming; did we forget what happened in the roaring 20s, even though we were all forced to read the Great Gatsby? What’s the point in teaching the Great Gatsby if it is not to warn of the decadence that can lead to major financial collapse?

Bill Clinton did bring our country to an economic boom, but at the same time he took away the law that was designed to protect our economy from a bust. The golden age of the 90s was all in your head, and reality for many people in our country was still a struggle. The resulting economic collapse has made the struggle spread through communities that used to be middle class.

Have we recovered from the recession? Our economy has, thanks in part to all the corporations that took bailouts and invested our money in their stocks. The corporations cut the money off from the public to artificially boost the economy. They took the burden of having to invest our money so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. Shouldn’t your average American be happy now that our economy is doing better? If you have some facts about this, I’m sure Hillary Clinton would want to know, since she doesn’t understand what the hell Sanders is saying or why people like him.

Bill Clinton still has a good legacy with all the flaws, but what it comes down to is his charisma. He might have locked millions of African Americans up, but he did it in a way that appealed to people. That was a different time, though, and our country was dealing with very different issues. Predominant among the issues is the corruption of the government, and Hillary Clinton effectively embodies this issue. Yes, she is an excellent politician. The only problem is the constituency she represents is Wall Street.

Elizabeth Warren video

That was over ten years ago, and Hillary Clinton is still following the same pattern of representing and defending Wall Street. She refused to even consider the benefit of reinstating Glass-Steagall, and this was one of the most important things she did in the debate. She had to pander to the progressive audience, but she absolutely had to reassure her owners that she was still on their side.

We need to accept the Democratic Party for what it has become, and Hillary Clinton is an appropriate face for them. They are closet aristocrats who parade with elaborate masks to appear liberal but who are mostly concerned with power and money. We, the electorate, are supposed to shape the political parties, so why would we let the DNC Chairwoman decide the nominee unilaterally? They have to realize that they are a very small group of people with no real power but what the public allows them, but they think they can control the public’s beliefs because the public is just an elaborate fiction to them.

The political insiders, the nobility and the aristocrats are all remnants of a previous civilization when democracy was impossible. At least we used to try to imitate democracy before. Now, with the power of the internet, the ability to actually build a democratic nation is at our fingertips. We need to elevate the level of politics so that it is as important as religion. People need to spend a lot of time considering their political beliefs like they consider their religious beliefs.

Politics and Religion both have the same goal of defining an order that we can follow in our life. Religion focuses on the greater reality, the divine and mystical forces behind existence. Politics focuses on our shared social reality. Our social reality might be more complex than the universe and existence, so we need to give serious consideration to where we as individuals fit into our society, and about our powers to influence the greater social reality.

We know that it’s very important for people to have the power to shape their social reality, to shape their future. This gives them the feeling of free will and when they know their future depends on their strength of character then they perform at their highest level. This has been proven through myriad experiments.

The current state of our political system is bleak. No one thinks that their vote matters. No one thinks that the government is representing us. They hear all the pundits saying the nomination was decided back in 2008 and resign themselves to it. Why fight?

Why fight? How can you ask that question? It is important that we have enough faith in the goodness of the future so that we are comfortable with bringing new children into this world. The youth of this country could come together and refuse to have children until Citizen’s United is overturned. The survival of the human species is very important, and the survival of our country is based on the education of our children. We can’t let our parents bully us into giving them grandchildren. We have to make them fix our country so that it will be fit for their grandchildren.

These are not unreasonable demands. The political system is broken and Hillary Clinton is not her husband. The pundits say that they were really impressed by how presidential she looked at the Benghazi hearing, and I don’t know what fucking planet they live on. My dream of our country is a united country, but I guess the establishment made an agreement with Clinton and they’re stuck with their broken system.

Joe Biden was supposed to be their guardian angel to swoop in and save them from their Clinton quagmire. But he just sat on the sideline, was very clear that he didn’t want to run, and he said that he really liked what Bernie Sanders is doing. The DNC freaked out and begged Biden to think about it. Biden graciously accepted the task of thinking about running for president and he watched what was going on with Sanders’s campaign. After the first debate he started criticizing Clinton’s debate performance, rebutting many of her claims, and then he announced he would not run for president.

First of all, you have to acknowledge that whatever the DNC thinks about this is completely insane. Biden endorsed Sanders’s plan for free public colleges, and he’s been praising Sanders for months now. He toyed with the idea of running for president because he knew he could do a better job than Clinton. The DNC knew he could do a better job than Clinton, and Biden was their last hope. If he could do a better job than Clinton and with him being so critical of Clinton, why isn’t he running?

Isn’t that the question? Is it possible that Biden is a fundamentally decent person and that he longs for the return of decency to politics? Is it possible that Biden wants what’s best for our country? Is it possible that he doesn’t live in the same reality as the DNC?

The answer to all those questions seems to be yes. So does he think Clinton is what’s best for our country? Hell no. You know old Joe is feeling the Bern. And he is thinking about this campaign from the perspective of being the current VP, understanding what is driving Obama’s vision for our country. He remembers the hope and change that they campaigned on, and he sees that Bernie Sanders is carrying the same hope and change that they were carrying. The hope and change is very different this time around because of everything that has happened, and it’s not sugar-coated. The message is meant to get people riled up so that we take back control of our country.

Hillary Clinton said that she would be like a third term Obama. The difference between Clinton and Obama is not as blasé as she wants to make it out to be. The difference is Obama is driven by the deeper issues of enacting change and maintaining hope, so he sees everything is worked for and everything he was forced to accept by an uncooperative congress. Clinton would definitely cover that last part of Obama’s legacy. Congress will be even less cooperative with her because of how adversarial she is, but she doesn’t have hope and change at her core. Her core is maintaining the current status quo and her personal power.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s long career, we have seen how she climbs the hierarchy in her pursuit of power. Her main legacy is Libya, and Wall Street from her time in the senate. The Libya decision and even the attack in Benghazi are terrible mistakes that Obama has made in foreign policy. He was the one who was supposed to end wars, not start them. However, having Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State couldn’t have helped him stay out of wars. She is very much a conservative when it comes to foreign policy and she subscribes to war as a diplomatic strategy. Couldn’t we compare Hillary Clinton’s role with Barack Obama’s foreign policy to Dick Cheney’s role with George W Bush’s foreign policy?

While I share your nostalgia for the 90s and wish I could return to that innocence, I know that that innocence is forever lost. How nice to live in a world where the Twin Towers are still standing. But the towers fell, the economy collapsed, and now the Democratic Party is trying to further our degeneration into aristocracy by tempting us with our misremembered nostalgia of a world forever gone.

We must keep marching forward through time, and if we maintain the status quo then we will stagnate. There is a new world order, and that order is the internet. If everyone can be politically involved online, why can’t we have a democracy again… please?


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