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Hello. First let me introduce myself. My name is Scott Volentine, and I worked for this man named Perry back when I was in undergrad. Perry was the groundskeeper on top of this mountain on my college’s campus. There was an old cottage up there called the House of Dreams, and the years I spent up there were certainly ethereal. My boss called me Bob, so there’s where pranksterbob came from.

With that secretive pseudonym out of the way, let me go a little deeper. I’m a novelist, with an ever-evolving speculative fiction novel on my hands, and I have a novella available for free on Barnes & Nobles’ website.

None of that is really relevant here though. The reason I started this blog is because of a particular man. Someone who is throwing himself into the engine of a system to cut through all the clutter and waste, so that we as a country can repair the engine to allow our government to run more effectively. All he wants for us is a safer ride through treacherous terrain. Bernie Sanders is breaking all the insiders’ rules and sharing the truth with the public. No more distractions, Sanders says. We need to focus on the real issues that are tearing our country apart.

In the debate, Sanders made it clear that mass media shares blame for the state of our country. I think he was saying that the media focuses on the government’s distractions and tries to keep the public ignorant of the real issues. I think in a large part this is because the government is smart and is able to convince the media that what they’re saying is the truth. But with the Citizen’s United ruling, this marriage between politics and mass media may have deepened, and we have to be suspicious about the possibility of collusion between the government and media.

None of the cable news channels offer a clear view of reality, but there is a lot of great work being done in underground journalism like Vice. I know for me, it felt like Bernie Sanders sent a shock into my brain with his campaign, and now my brain has been churning through all the information related to the Presidential race with a particular eye to media bias. I’m currently enrolled in a Master’s program for Professional Writing, and with all I’ve learned about technical communication and digital media, I have been synthesizing my observations of the political landscape through theoretical frameworks I learned from reading various scholarly articles that explain the functioning of communication at its fundamental levels.

I think the spark Sanders sent my way met up with this reservoir of information floating in my brain and this has led to an unrelenting stream of thoughts related to the campaign. I hope that with this blog, all the thoughts that my brain is synthesizing can prove useful to my readers in comprehending the current situation in America.

I hope you will check out some of my ideas, and if you like what you find, make sure to spread the light that Bernie Sanders is spreading through our country.


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