The myth of the “liberal media bias”

The republicans united against the media during their third debate. Having seen the reaction to the media’s coverage of Bernie Sanders, they must have thought, after all these year, “Look! We were right all along!” So, with renewed vigor, the republicans attacked the so-called “liberal media bias.”

The problem here, as media critic Mark Crisin Miller says in a Salon article, is that if the media is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton (which they are) then the media must be conservative. Hillary Clinton herself is more conservative than some Republican candidates. Recently, Hillary Clinton made a visit to Atlanta, Ga, in the wake of the execution of Kelly Gissendaner. Gissendaner was accused of paying her lover to kill her husband. The murderer told police about Gissendaner’s involvement to plea down his sentence. This means Gissendaner was killed while the murderer is still alive. During her speech in Atlanta, Hillary Clinton endorsed the death penalty.

Gissendaner’s sentence tells us that the intent to kill can be punished more harshly than the act of killing. It doesn’t fit right with me that such a punishment could be handed out, and it makes me think that sexism had to have played a role in the sentence: men bitter about women who had manipulated them. With this whole context to consider, Hillary Clinton still endorsed the death penalty. She must have been shooting negative vibes into the air, and a group from Black Lives Matter started protesting her, not letting her speak until she had them kicked out.

Any candidate who has to win on his or her own merit would have collapsed by this point. I wonder whether a Presidential candidate has ever been under an FBI investigation.Who would support such a candidate? Clinton can be compared with the most cunning, dirtiest politicians in history, and it is just that the Benghazi committee go on longer than the Watergate committee. Right now the committee is controlled by people who approve of what we did in Libya, but when progressives start looking into all the questionable decisions that turned Libya into a shithole under Clinton’s watch then we will start learning how we can avoid future wars and create a stockpile of data to prove that overthrowing foreign governments is not a good idea.

The establishment is stuck with Hillary Clinton since Joe Biden wants Bernie Sanders to win, but they think they can still give Clinton her coronation with their enormous stockpiles of money. The debates for Clinton are a dance as she tries to reach the voter while reassuring the banks that she’s still on their side. After all, the top 1% are the real minorities, as Clinton knows first hand. She thinks that money buys everything. She wants to allow the corporations to continue buying and monetizing our political process, so that the insiders stay unreasonably wealthy. They will do anything in their power to prevent anyone who would change the system from being elected. In this large-scale war against democracy, the Democrats’ biggest allies are the media.

Mass media used to be the dominant force behind the construction of social reality for public consumption. To be allowed to exist, the media had to agree to a code of ethics under which they would work for the good of the public in their attempts to portray the truth. When the internet came out, individual people discovered the same power as the mass media to gather information. People now can find the news of the world by themselves and construct their own narrative of social reality that is useful to them. It was like the internet broke a monopoly of a few corporations and spread their power through the public. Mass media subsequently has degenerated  into pure entertainment, and the ethical principles of broadcast journalism have been abandoned in favor of media ratings.

The government and mass media have joined forces as a result of Citizen’s United. This government-media establishment has forgotten the public good in their worship of money. The call to focus on the STEM disciplines belies a belief that unchecked technological innovation is good because it makes a lot of money. We have examples from history to look for examples of what happens when technology overpowers humanity: the Challenger Disaster, the Holocaust, the rampant genocide of the twentieth century. This mass slaughter is  trying to continue into the twenty-first century, but the government’s solution to this problem has yet to be proposed. All these Party politicians turn us–the living, breathing public–into numbers and statistics. We have been witnessing the government-media establishment’s blatant attempt to control the campaign’s narrative by keeping to the DNC’s talking points and giving Senator Sanders as little coverage as possible. All of this complexity because those in power want to stay in power so they can continue keeping their corporate overlords happy.

Lately I’ve been hearing all the pundits saying “young people don’t vote anyway,” as if this is a justification for something. Recent polls have shown that surveys are skewed towards people fifty-years-old and up. How exactly do the polls determine who “likely democratic voters?” The board of executives of these media corporations have an overwhelming power over our democratic process, and it seems that the discussion we should be having is in prohibiting commercial campaigns. If the political process remains monetized it will not be democratic. The result is widespread propaganda, and the pundits have attacked the public by discounting our reality. This is the war between mass media and the internet that will end in the destruction of mass media.

This is harsh, direct language, and the first thing the establishment does is it calls me crazy. They compare their critics to people who think that United States government was behind 9/11, and this false equivalency overwhelms the audience’s minds. Not given enough time, people have to accept these irrational statements at face value. If Clinton supporters don’t question the media they think of Sanders supporters as sub-human. This is the same language Clinton uses against the Republicans, except Sanders is liberal. Clinton is pigeonholing herself between the lunatics on the Republican ticket and Sanders to leave a big gap for the imagination to fill. People assume when pundits say Clinton is moderate, they mean a moderate liberal, but she really is a moderate conservative. These vague generalities are used because our pundits and politicians are double agents so every statement has two meanings. They appear in public and play their role, and then they recede into the shadows and do their actual work in secret. Politicians are constitutionally bound to act publicly, so constitutional lawyers could have a lot of jobs in the near future.

The day after the first Democratic debate, Comedy Central’s show The Nightly Show brought one of their producers onto the panel when they were discussing the debate. Whenever someone mentioned Senator Sanders, the producer would interrupt him or her and make a joke about how old and grumpy he is. When pressed, the producer said that Clinton had been promised the nomination back in 2008, “But what can you do? That’s just the way politics works. And don’t forget Bernie Sanders sound like an old grandpa.” These talent managers aren’t contributing much, and all their establishment seems to be contributing is a massive influx of billionaires.

Meanwhile the middle class has disappeared because of internationalization and automation. We need to be focused on discovering what new jobs we need in our new economy, but the establishment is only concerned with their personal benefits. We, the public, have the power to kick all of the insiders out of Washington so we can clear out the corruption of money from the private sector. The public sector must remain separate from the private sector so government oversight can enforce ethics in corporate America. The constitution tells us the government is by the people, for the people; so, if we people can direct our energy at the system, through Bernie Sanders’s campaign, then we will be able to force the government to work for our prosperity and peace.

Speaking of peace, I haven’t heard anyone blaming Obama for bombing the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, even though it is his responsibility as commander-in-chief. It’s the same responsibility Clinton has for Benghazi, and both of them have for the whole Libya fiasco. They know that the Republicans support them on these issues so they have tried to be as hush-hush about our military action so the public won’t figure out that Obama has become very pro-war. Worse, perhaps the Democrats agree with our military action in the Middle East. It’s a shame how the two parties have become one under the reign of international corporations. But what the hell is up with all of these wars? We voted to get out of the Middle East, not to overthrow more foreign governments. I don’t think most Americans even realize we’re in Syria to overthrow Assad, not to fight ISIS. Essentially, we are allied with ISIS at this point as Jeb Bush pointed out in the fourth Republican debate.

The good news is there is a simple solution to the Middle East crisis. If we can transfer to 100% renewable energy then we won’t need oil anymore and we won’t have any excuse to stick around. When we leave the entire world will breathe a sigh of relief. After we recognize all of our mistakes then we can erase the map that was drawn after World War I and let the Arabs decide their own country,and maybe the Persians will decide to break up Iran. We need to give them control over their own destiny, but our government has lost its humanity and seems to enjoy killing brown people, whether it’s run by Republicans or Democrats. I hate to say it, but I heard a boy from France compare the United States to Nazi Germany; I agreed with him.

It’s not a happy thought, but people gave up on politics because all the happy thoughts turn out to be lies. If Hillary Clinton was promised the nomination in 2008 then our country is not democratic. The alliance of the government with corporate media through Citizen’s United has given the establishment the perfect propaganda machine. Dozens of polls are taken and used as propaganda to dissuade Senator Sanders’s supporters, but when a supposed “general electorate” is made up of three times as many landlines as cell phones, with 76% of the participants over the age of fifty, it’s hard to take any of the polls seriously.

The underlying assumption mass media makes is that the internet doesn’t represent reality. They are wrong, and they will learn it. The pundits will keep on insisting that young people won’t vote anyway. While the Republicans try to suppress voter registration, the Democrats are talking like they wish they could raise the voting age. If you asked a pundit, I’d bet he would laugh and say, “Yeah a cut-off at thirty-five sounds good.”

It’s a truly awful state of affairs, and most of the candidates are offering dystopian futures. Clinton has her corporate government plan that would destroy our nation’s community as everyone turns against each other. I don’t know why the Democratic establishment doesn’t take the threat of impeachment seriously. Their response is to call the Republicans petulant babies, but all the Republicans are asking is for the former Secretary of State to take responsibility for her job performance and recognize that she has not earned a promotion.

This sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Why is it a big deal if Clinton doesn’t deserve to be President? There is supposed to be a healthy selection of candidates to choose from, but this dictatorial hierarchy has stuck the Democratic Party with no choice but the person they were forced to support. This has created a lot of drama within the DNC as its members try to abandon Clinton. Most people seem to understand that someone who won’t take responsibility for her job performance can’t be trusted.

And so, I ask you: Why should Hillary Clinton be President? Is it because you want a sequel to the television series Madame Secretary? Don’t you think that our decision of who to vote for is important and shouldn’t be about entertainment? Isn’t that what’s so bad about the Republicans?

I don’t think I’ve made any unreasonable claims in this article. The government exists to represent the public and to help produce prosperity and peace. We won’t have peace for a long time if we stick around Syria, but I have a feeling Clinton would be eager to double down in Syria.

The reason Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be the first woman President of the United States of America is because I have always been taught that a woman President would be great because women talk out their problems and avoid violence. Feminism is supposed to be about empowering the feminine to compete with the masculine, so it would be a setback to the feminist movement if a masculine woman is the first woman President. Everything I have been taught would be wrong.

We all know Clinton a a hawk, and with the international community in such turmoil from the financial collapse we created, we need to focus on communication instead of violence. I don’t know about you, but I never heard any conversation about the possibility of sending ground forces into Syria. I feel like most of the warfare we’ve seen under Obama was conducted in the shadows so the public would never know to protest. And mass media is still trying to confuse the public with irrelevant information and false issues like illegal immigration and gun control.

The simple fact of the matter is we, the United States of America, are still recovering from the financial collapse. The economic recovery is empty because CEOs routinely take our tax money and invest in their stocks while firing the employees whose jobs they were supposed to save. Carly Fiorina brought our attention to this practice, and we need to focus heavily on regulating CEOs. If a capitalist threatens to move to a different country, the appropriate response is “fuck off!”

Until the economic recovery spreads throughout the public, economics will remain the center of political debates. It would be hard to tell what the economic situation across the country is with the way mass media portrays it, focusing on how good life is for the elite to pacify the public while the corporations literally write our laws and trade agreements.

In conclusion, the media will tell you that Republicans are petulant babies who can’t take a little heat so they can talk about how much Republicans are whining. It often seems like the so-called “liberal media” would rather focus on the Republicans’ campaigns over the Democrats’ because Donald Trump gets higher rating and Bernie Sanders gets less exposure. The Two-Party establishment is terrified of Bernie Sanders because they know he’s going to take their money. When a millionaire complains about not having enough money, we say, “Fuck you!”

If members of the government-media establishment respond to Senator Sanders’s ideas, they accidentally reveal the deep corruption of the system, as shown in the case of the Nightly Show’s producer. The system is just as corrupt with Democrats as it is with Republicans, and conservatives are in control of both parties. So, the Republicans are wrong about liberal media bias. Mass media are conservative and they are trying their hardest to skew reality to fit their fictional narrative in which their conservative darling, Hillary Clinton, is destined to ascend to the Presidency.

Someone missed the memo that feudalism is dead. We don’t want none of it here in America! We’re supposed to be free.


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