Going back to the 9/11 playbook

The establishment has turned to using propaganda to deal with public dissent to domestic issues in the wake of the Paris Attacks, and mass media broadcasts this propaganda to the nation. They want to trigger our lingering PTSD from 9/11 and make us fear for our personal safety. If the public becomes hysterical then we are easier to control and it’s the only chance for the Obama administration to get away with their actions in the Middle East.

The reason the Benghazi Committee is targeting Hillary Clinton is because she is their fall man, to person to take the blame for the entire establishment’s poor judgment. The people on the committee know what the United States did in Libya, that we illegally armed the rebels to overthrow Gaddhafi. The rebels, you’ll remember, who joined ISIS. We have been creating ISIS with each government we try to overthrow.

We have been trying to overthrow Assad in Syria for a long time, and it looks like the military just used ISIS as an excuse to bomb Assad’s forces. Putin finally came out and told the world what we were doing in Syria, and he came into Syria to make sure ISIS didn’t take over the country. If we had managed to overthrow Assad, ISIS would be much more powerful; yet Hillary Clinton blames the whole mess on Assad not being overthrown.

Despite the public’s outcry against ISIS, the Obama administration cares more about what Saudi Arabia thinks. The Saudis point and we shoot, and Saudi Arabia epitomizes all that is backwards about Islam. It’s almost like Islam evolved as it moved away from Saudi Arabia, but if we were not so addicted to their oil we would have held them accountable for Human Rights violations a long time ago.

Our strategy in the Middle East has been failing for a very long time because we are driven by the colonialist spirit to create governments on the opposite side of the planet, and we keep making the situation worse because the military is insane with power. The establishment then uses the events on the other side of the world to distract the public from all the major issues in the homeland. They talk about our country being under attack when we are the invaders in a foreign land.

Our actions in Libya set a chain of events into motion that built this World War III. I think it is appropriate to call this World War III, because the center of this issue is the map the Europeans drew after World War I. They brought the same colonialism that crippled the African cultures and drew arbitrary national borders without any knowledge of the local cultures. As a result, the Kurdish separatists are considered terrorists. Because they want to have a home.

The colonialists act as if God is on their side, that they have the right to build nations for cultures they refuse to learn about. When Bernie Sanders mentions the human factors that led to the crisis in Syria, people plug their ears and yell for blood. It is extremely important that people realize all of the factors that have set the refugee trail into motion. Syria has been in a drought for four years, so they are unable to grow the food they need to survive. Normally the government would be there to offer assistance but we are fighting a war against Assad with Saudi Arabia and this created massive unrest that led to the growth of ISIS and the refugee crisis. All this instability has caused too much human suffering, and we are the leading contributor to all this human suffering.

The establishment is overwhelmed by the military, who don’t want any public scrutiny. Their finances haven’t been audited in nearly twenty years. This treatment of taxpayers’ money shows a lack of humanity, and all the military wants is more money and natural resources to fuel their war machine. I don’t think there’s any reason why the President can’t control the military; I think both Democrats and Republicans agree on our foreign policy.

The pundits want to create a panic so we will allow increased military waste and an even stronger terrorist force to fight against. Because if we focus on the real issues that are crippling our economic recovery then they will make less money. We cannot afford World War III, and all these people are still talking like they only care that they don’t have to pay any more taxes. There is no logic to these people who are consumed with greed.

We are faced with a national dilemma: how do we pay for a war we don’t have any money for when the reason for the war is because of our terrible actions in the Middle East? The only answer that is sure is what Bernie Sanders said. We have to focus on getting the entire world involved. We have to accept this global consciousness and define what humanity means in this new world.

I have distrusted Obama ever since he said that students need to focus on the STEM majors. We need these disciplines to keep our world going, but we don’t need new iPhones every year and not every technology is useful. What it comes down to is the military recruits the STEM majors to come build their war machines. Hundreds of billions of dollars go through the military industrial complex and they make sure they have enough people who can follow orders without a deep sense of humanity.

It is important that we as a nation place much more importance on the humanities and liberal arts so that we can understand ourselves and the world as we all change with the internet. The STEM people will build all this new technology, but the humanities are responsible for deciding which technologies are useful and which are unnecessary. The simple matter is that many jobs will be lost to automation, and we need to figure out what new jobs we need so that all of the new jobs aren’t in restaurants.

We do not have a middle class. This cannot be understated. All the middle class jobs are gone, and most jobs are lower class. The establishment, believing in feudalism, wants there to be only two classes: the rulers and the ruled. But the US Constitution, believing in the right of the individual, says that the public has the power to decide what are government is and how it represents us. The reason Washington led the American Revolution is because people in America were not represented by their government.

I know very few people who believe the government represents the public. The government, after discovering how to use mass media for propaganda during the Cold War, is more used to manipulating the public so we don’t know what’s in our best interest so that we keep voting for the people who have gotten everything so terrible wrong that the United States very well may have caused World War III to happen.

We need to be ahead of the times and acknowledge what our government did while we were distracted so that we can vote all these people out of office and join the world in the fight to stop the spread of terrorism in the wake of US activity. We can collectively get the hell out of the Middle East and focus on renewable energy.

Republicans and Democrats are both the same establishment, and everything they have done in the Middle East has been wrong. We have dehumanized the people of the Middle East to make it easier to kill them. We caused the refugee crisis because we armed rebels to fight Assad and ignored ISIS. All the pundits will tell you the opposite and say that since Clinton helped ISIS grow stronger she’s the one who can somehow defeat them—even though she said ISIS isn’t our responsibility. I’ve literally seen clips on TV where Clinton was edited to make her sound a little better (“impugn my intellect” was changed to “impugn my integrity“). She is a driving force behind World War III, but the pundits are supporting her because they won’t make less money under her.

My challenge to the top 10% of income earners: Don’t you think we should invest in fixing all the problems that have been created through negligence during our extended, failed experiment in the Middle East? Hundreds of millions of tax-payers’ dollars are being blown up in the Middle East, and if we had just dropped a hundred million dollars in the Middle East everything would be much better and Paris wouldn’t have been attacked.

The United States is responsible for the attacks in Paris. The establishment wants to make us hysterical so that we don’t notice that The Benghazi Committee itself has been covering up what happened in Benghazi. Watergate doesn’t even come close to the level of bullshit that happened in Libya and that we’re still perpetrating in Syria by refusing to let Assad remain in power, as if we had any say in that at all.


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