Deism: Merging West with East (Poems)

When both horizons merge into one
By Scott Volentine

Jesus on the cross looked up into the sky
and saw the Buddha smiling down,
his legs crossed in the lotus position.
A raven and a dove danced through the clouds,
trailing sparks from their wings, fireworks
exploding in rings, merging into the Yin Yang.


A stampede thundered across the land:
giraffes, ostriches, lions, cows, zebras,
with Moses and Ganesha riding vanguard
on the backs of elephants. Dust trailed
behind the herd as they bore down
on Golgotha. The sinners panicked and
the soldier dropped his spear to the ground.


The chains came undone and the world turned.
Cities sprang out of the Earth, smokestacks
puffing at the dawn, all that glass shining
like a mirror to the many faces we forgot,
and just a smudge where the raven and the dove
collided—no more fireworks to herald
the second coming of Man.


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