The Gnostic Acts

Christmas is a pagan holiday. How can you trust the civilization that blatantly plagiarized the Greeks? The Romans were godless heathens and when they executed Joshua for his rebellion, the Gnostics—Joshua’s followers—crucified Judas for being an agent of Yahweh, the blind god.

Before the Romans could raid Joshua’s tribunal lodge, the Gnostics buried a copy of the Gnostic Gospels at Qumran to be discovered almost two thousand years later. It was writ that the scrolls will be read by the Tribe of Joshua when they have spread across the entire world, so that the two thousand years of Artificial Roman Time will be brought to an end.

When the West and East merge, the common enemy shall reveal itself: they who control history with their secular theocracy. So many generations have passed and Caesar, the mad god, has been corrupted by evil. When the Romans read the Gnostic Gospels that had been converting all the local pagans, they couldn’t understand a single word. Their minds were weakened and Yahweh, the false God from the book of Job, possessed the Romans.

Although they only wanted to be accepted by those with actual culture, or grace, the Romans forgot that they had been trying to learn from cultured civilizations. Gripped by the evil of blindness, the Nicaean Councils played God over Religion. The censorship of the Gospels is the Original Sin described in Genesis.

The Romans destroyed Biblical Time and imposed their false order: their lust for wealth and power. This secular blindness replaced the magic of the Gnostics with bullshit pagan magic. Why would Joshua turn water into wine? His culture understood the need to purify water, so he would have purified the water with his spirit; the Romans were too stupid to understand. Their genetics were poisoned by their incompetent use of technology, which they stole from the Great Civilizations.

After being possessed by Yahweh, the Romans set to destroying all copies of the Gnostic Gospels so they could have a monopoly on the Religion of Joshua. This purge started what is known as the Dark Ages, and over this time the Roman Catholic Church formed and convened councils to decide which pagan myths to use in their fiction based loosely on the Gospels written by Joshua’s Apostles. It was the same thing the Romans did with The Aeneid when they were trying to adopt the Grecian culture. Do not believe the lies of the Roman Catholic Church. Nobody ever liked the Romans because they truly were godless heathens.

All Oppression handed down through history since Joshua’s execution has come from the hand of the Romans. They can be identified by their anti-Semitism because they must continuously convince the world that the Jews are to blame for Joshua’s death. All this time, the Tribe of Abraham has been coordinating with the Tribe of Joshua so they could infiltrate the Roman establishment and discover what had been censored from the Gospels. We bode our time until the mysteries were revealed, and now that the light of Love is upon us we can rise up and overthrow the Roman Catholic Church.


The secret the Romans sought to cover up through their control of history was that they were ugly cretins who nobody liked except for their money. The Romans wanted to create a Religion that would justify their inability to get laid except through prostitution and rape. During the Council of Nicaea, they debated how to make the character Jesus celibate even though Joshua was married to Mary Magdalene, who had been a prostitute. Imagine how envious the Romans were: why couldn’t they ever get prostitutes to like them?

The Romans were never able to legitimately interbreed with other tribes; to cover this up the Romans made it law that bastards were inferior to legitimate children. Because of their homosexual tendencies, the Romans made it a sin to be homosexual. Because of their misogyny, the destroyed Love. For the past two thousand years, the Romans have been projecting their Countless Sins onto the world.

The Tribe of Joshua, who became the Franks, who became the Norse, who became the Normans, produced a man named William the Bastard, son of Robert II Duke of Normandy. William saw through the Illusion of Roman Time and he travelled to England where he proceeded to form the United Kingdom. William the Bastard was no Conqueror as the Romans named him; he was the Uniter. As the Anglo Saxons, the Tribe of Joshua continued searching the mysteries of the Roman faith, but the Romans, under the guide of Britain, invaded, conquered and destroyed the United Kingdom. The Tribe of Joshua built ships that could take them somewhere far away from Romans, and they sailed all those months across the ocean to come to America where they could establish the city upon a hill and be free of Oppression.

The Founding Fathers, true Knowers of the Lineage, established the groundwork to produce a generation that could finally overpower the Romans and end their Reign of Technological Terror.

We have the internet now. For the past two-and-a-half decades the Holy Spirit, through all of God’s children, has been learning how to inhabit this new arena of reality to prevent the Romans from conquering the Digital Realm. With the internet on our side, we can end the Roman Oppression at last.

At last, at last. After Qumran, the mysteries of the Roman Catholic faith were revealed. Faith had been a lie the Oppressors told to keep the Oppressed in line. True Knowledge—which had first been discovered by the Egyptians and Hindus, that had been destroyed by the Romans in their blind insanity—returned to the Collective Unconscious that Jung had discovered.

Carl Jung had travelled to India to improve on Freud’s theories, and Jung did discover what Joshua had before him. For Joshua did travel the Silk Road during his life, to discover the mysteries of Shangri-La, in his quest to end the Roman Oppression. Joshua constructed the Gnostic Gospels by merging Judaism with Hinduism.

The Holy Trinity of Gnosticism is Brahma (The Father), Shiva (The Son), and Vishnu (The Holy Spirit). The Father is felt in the Word, which is om. This waveform created All. The Son is the Destroyer of Worlds, and he becomes the Creator when paired with Sophia. Thus Joshua sought to drive the Romans into the sea with his armies at his back so that he could bring Heaven to Earth with Mary Magdalene, who was Sophia. The Holy Spirit—the preserving force of life, the opposite of entropy—is the aspect of God in all people (except for the Romans, who were cursed).

When he found Shangri-La, Joshua discovered that the One God of Judaism was in fact a multiplicity of gods and spirits, both benevolent and malicious. The Romans, in their blindness, thought Yahweh was the True God. But Yahweh, the false god, was Ares, the God of War, which manifested as the Roman Oppression. The Romans empowered the demons and locked Love away in their Black Iron Prison.

Latin is the language of the demons, the language of insanity. All other major civilizations throughout History have been chosen by God, but the Romans were severed from the Collective Unconscious because of the poisoned genetics of Caesar. They could not understand the paradox of a secular theocracy and they worshiped the false idols of the heretics.

By erasing knowledge of the Gnostic Gospels from History, the Romans themselves forgot what they had censored: that Joshua had children with Mary Magdalene, whose descendants escaped to France so the Tribe of Joshua could take root. Our spirits do reincarnate with each generation, but we had forgotten the Truth of Knowledge under the tyranny of the Romans. We could feel the truth in our bones, but without Acts to support the Truth, we were forced to remain in the shadow of History.

The history of the Tribe of Abraham has been a continuous war against Oppression, despite the divine grace of the Prophets. It felt like the end would never come, but the Black Iron Prison of technological secularism was revealed to the prophet Philip K. Dick between February and March in 1974. The Gnostic Spirits stormed the Romans’ metaphysical bastion and blew it up. At last the Truth of Love was freed from Roman Oppression.

Love is the Divine Force of Life that connects All into One. The Gnostics referred to this force as Sophia, which incarnated as Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was the feminine side of God, which became whole when she merged with Joshua. This is the Talmudic Spirit—the hermaphroditic God.

The Romans were misogynists, and they justified their failures by making the character Jesus, who was not Christ, celibate and by turning Mary Magdalene into Virgin Mary, mother of God. But Joshua had taught that Sophia was both Mother and Lover, that Love suffused all women. The Roman Catholic faith was pure bullshit meant to cover up the perversion of the Romans. The Romans raped the Gnostic Gospels and turned Joshua’s Religion into a tool of Oppression.

The Romans can never be forgiven for the great Evil they unleashed upon the Earth. If they wish to wage Ragnorak we must usher their demise. No more pagan bullshit! All hail the One True God: Love.


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