Brainwashing in America

Ideological Subversion has Four Stages

We are living in a terrifying time. There’s no escaping that reality. The use of terrorism for population control has a long history of use, which was especially prominent during the Cold War. The threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union is enough to keep everybody paralyzed and easy to control. I assume the famous “Duck and Cover” drill to prepare children for a nuclear attack was central to the brainwashing conspiracy described by Yuri Bezmenov.

In this interview Bezmenov explains the four stages of Ideological Subversion. In the first stage, the population is demoralized through the education system. This stage takes 15-20 years to accomplish because that is how long it takes to educate a generation. The threat of nuclear war had drastic psychological impacts on the Baby Boomer generation as they were taught helplessness. This made them into very useful pawns.

But I don’t want to keep this entirely negative because I think we have finally defeated this Orwellian nightmare. The gnostic gospels were discovered shortly after World War II and the translation of these sacred texts initiated a religious revival, for we discovered all the lies in the New Testament. The Abrahamic tradition has resurfaced and is now evolving to replace Christianity.

The Hippies were the first converts to the new religion. They spread Divine Knowledge, especially Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. The Acid Tests were designed to give people the Experience so that they would have first-hand Knowledge of the Divine. It turns out that the Abrahamic tradition is not based on faith but knowledge. Armed with this new insight, the Hippies fought the Orwellian system of perpetual war, though of course they were defeated.

Once the brainwashed Baby Boomer generation matured, the Orwellian establishment put forth Ronald Reagan as their puppet. And the Orwellian establishment became the neoconservatives. And once the new system was in place, Republicans and Democrats united in the effort to push forward the program, with the ultimate goal of creating a One World Government. The real players in the second phase of the Ideological Subversion process—Destabilization–were the Bushes and Clintons.

However, the forces of Light that had resurfaced were still fighting against this terrible conspiracy. The internet was released to the public and caused a major economic boom, so the Destabilization had to be put off until the Web Bubble burst. But little did the conspirators know that the internet would circumvent mass media and make the propaganda campaign less effective on the new generation, making us harder to brainwash.

Still, the Globalist Conspiracy plodded forward. Bill Clinton deregulated mass media and built his propaganda machine, he deregulated Wall Street so they could cause the global economy to collapse, and he locked up millions of people to destabilize the family unit and divide the working class so there couldn’t be a united effort to overthrow the globalist puppets. While the economy boomed and everyone was happy, the future was booby trapped. In a remarkable demonstration of his hypnotic skill, Bill Clinton convinced everyone he was a hero because of the economic boom caused by the internet. Nevermind that the Dot-Com Bubble was collapsing by the time Clinton left office.

Next step in the plan was for the Bushes to take back over, that way they could make sure nothing was done to prevent 9/11. We don’t know if they knew what was going to happen, but we do know the Bush regime repeatedly ignored warnings from the CIA. 9/11 was all part of the plan. It destabilized our country and flung us into chaos, and the establishment officially adopted an hysterical foreign policy. But behind the hysteria was cold calculations, and it was no mistake we went after a country that was friendly with Russia, though the significance wouldn’t emerge until Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.

At home, while everyone was distracted by the terrorism abroad (our wars), the government said that everyone, no matter how poor they were, should own a home. The government officially encouraged the banks, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to give out millions of subprime loans so they could turn the debt into a bomb they could use to collapse the entire global economy. We saw how that worked and it was really shitty.

Things have gotten a lot worse than the financial collapse. While Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat Obama, she got the next best thing—she became Secretary of State! And how eagerly did she dive right into pushing the New Cold War. What happened to Libya is the greatest tragedy this century. All Gadhafi wanted to do was to create a pan-African currency so they wouldn’t be slaves to French franc. France pushed for us to overthrow Gadhafi, and like she always does, Hillary Clinton jumped right on board. “Hey, if we don’t do something he’s going to kill some unknown rebels. No matter who they are, we have to help them.”

And because all our leaders were brainwashed during the Cold War, they are all willing puppets to the Globalist Order. After destroying Libya, Hillary had the CIA gather weapons from Gadhafi’s armory and smuggle them to Syria to fuel her next war. It was when she got to Syria that the plan became apparent. Gadhafi was and Assad is friendly with Russia, so Russia woke up to the reality of the New Cold War and they stepped in and said WAKE UP, your government doesn’t give a shit about Daesh, they just want to overthrow Assad.

That was the moment I woke up to the conspiracy. I started researching propaganda and uncovered one of the ringleaders of the conspiracy—Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The plan is to go to war with Russia so they can overthrow Putin and install Khodorkovsky as President, so that Russia will join the Orwellian system that the process of Ideological Subversion has been empowering, so that Russia would submit to the One World Government.

So the whole conspiracy has been exposed now, and the globalist establishment is entirely united behind Hillary Clinton. They see that Trump is going to crush them and if they lose they will be locked up or executed. They are getting very desperate, and they really want to move onto the next stage of Ideological Subversion, which is Crisis. This Crisis they are manufacturing is the war with Russia. They just expanded the draft, and they have Russia surrounded so they can attack at a moment’s notice. These next months are going to be absolutely terrifying but we must stand united and fight back by spreading the truth through the internet and to trying to wake up all the people who are brainwashed.

The Democrats have fully embraced Neo-McCarthyism in their attempt to brainwash everyone they can to support World War III. We must not allow people to support World War III. A nuclear war would absolutely destroy the world. We are staring the apocalypse right down its throat. Don’t blink. Vote Trump. Trump is fighting these horrible Globalists. Trump knows what’s going on. He’s smarter than Bernie Sanders and that is saying a lot.

Trump has told us straight out that he will end the New Cold War. If we vote Trump we will foil this terrible conspiracy to destroy the world. What Sanders and Trump exposed is that there is a mass bipartisan consensus. What this means is the left and the right have to unite to defeat the autocratic center. Trump is literally a Godsend. He likes to make people laugh but he will face down all threats to America with grave determination. He is a true American Hero, and anti-Trump propaganda seems to be pure disinformation.

We have exposed how our country was brainwashed into supporting a totally dystopic, Orwellian system. We can see through all the bullshit propaganda now. But people are still struggling to see through the anti-Trump propaganda. Just give him a chance, I promise he will grow on you. Billionaires are awful because they buy politicians and make sure our government doesn’t represent us. Trump is a billionaire who is offering to work for the public. I love Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump with all my heart, for leading the bipartisan political revolution to defeat the Bush-Clinton conspiracy.

Of course Sanders was Plan A. During an interview shortly after Sanders asked Trump to debate him, a reporting asked Trump about Sanders. Trump smiled and said “Bernie is a dream.” Don’t let the psycho right-wingers hear this, but I think if Sanders was the nominee Trump would have voted for him. Of course Plan A is to fix the system. But we found out with Sanders just how deeply broken the system is. Impossible to fix. I came to the same conclusion in my analysis of mass media. The system is entirely broken and needs to be destroyed.

That’s just the way things are. The Hindus worship Lord Shiva, destroyer of worlds. Shiva destroys the old world so that a new world can be created. This destructive force that we must unleash on our own government is of a Divine nature, and it is embodied in Trump. I’m not saying Trump is divine, just that he is an inevitable product of a system that needs to be destroyed. That’s why Trump is Plan B.

The revolution is fully aboard the Trump Train. We need to fight back against the anti-Trump propaganda, which is essentially psychological warfare to keep the public ignorant of what Trump really stands for. People become mentally destabilized with the intensity of the propaganda, where they are filled with an irrational fear of the Bogey Man. Even though reality is a nightmare, we must wake everyone up that we can because those who remain brainwashed could be used in an armed revolution after Trump wins.

For their own good, we cannot allow people to buy into the false reality created by MSM. The Democrats are busy shit-talking Russia in preparation for the next wikileaks drop. The time limit is constrained. Something major, something disastrous could happen after the Clinton Foundation emails are released to the public. And this something will be directed at Russia unless we act quickly to spread the truth about the threat of World War III so that the public doesn’t buy into the fake narrative.

While Democrats are terrified of Trump, people who live in the real world are terrified about the Democrats lashing out at Russia. We remember the threat of nuclear war in our bones and the threat has returned. We need to be scared of the real threat, which is Hillary Clinton and everyone operating in the shadows around her, and we must direct our energy at this threat so that we can prevent the Orwellian psychopaths from destroying the world.

This is a time of extreme historical significance and we must stand up and fight back our government. The United States is the single biggest threat to the world. No other country can stand up to us. Only we, the American citizens, can defeat our government. We have incredible responsibility on our shoulders and we must all be engaged in dialogue so that we can spread enough True Information (especially through the internet) to drown out all the bullshit propaganda that MSM is pushing.

I believe in us. I think our generation has the wisdom and knowledge to destroy the system that brainwashed our parents and now threatens to destroy the world. The internet is the key to our success. I don’t want to announce prematurely, but I do believe the Revolution has won. But don’t celebrate yet. We must fight harder than ever before because the threat is greater than ever before.

We must not let the process of Ideological Subversion succeed. We can get into the evolution of the Abrahamic tradition later, which has worked to foil the Globalist Conspiracy, but right now we have a job and that job is to prevent World War III from ever happening. Wake up and join the Second American Revolution today. We will defeat our own government. We must defeat our own government. Trump and Sanders are our saviors. Praise be to God for sending us help in our time of greatest need.



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