Going back to the 9/11 playbook

The establishment has turned to using propaganda to deal with public dissent to domestic issues in the wake of the Paris Attacks, and mass media broadcasts this propaganda to the nation. They want to trigger our lingering PTSD from 9/11 and make us fear for our personal safety. If the public becomes hysterical then we […]

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Mass Media’s Civic Duty.

Media coverage of the first Democratic Presidential debate skewed reality to fit the narratives of the Two-Party system, in which Republicans and Democrats are the establishment. Each party thinks that they are half of the country because in the federal government they are fairly evenly matched. They discount the Independents, and forget that Independents can […]

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Why Benghazi Matters

The problem with our nation is the gridlocked bureaucracy. I think we have considered this issue and there seems to be bipartisan consensus behind this diagnosis. Constant conflict between politicians generates an atmosphere of negativity; with everyone just trying to make sure “the other side” doesn’t get an advantage, you can imagine our government as […]

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